Year of Health, Well-Being, & Relaxation

With 2017 well underway for most of us, I wanted to take moment to share my own plans for the year ahead that, I hope, will include you as more than just a client. In addition to my new blog—where I plan to shed some light on a variety of topics with your health and wellness in mind—I’ll also be launching a YouTube channel designed to go even deeper on areas I believe can help you stay fit, happy and healthy in between our massage sessions.

With these informational videos, I’ll cover everything from injury treatment and prevention to fitness, nutrition, meditation and mindfulness. Maybe you’re wondering how you can modify workouts to recover from a condition you’re dealing with or how to keep an injury from coming back? Or maybe you’re looking for new ways to improve flexibility and range of motion or how to incorporate stretching and yoga into your workout routine. We’re going to cover all of this and more with some help from trusted colleagues and friends in the field—doctors, surgeons, physical therapists and trainers, safety engineers, even fellow massage therapists! My goal is to bring you the best information out there from the people who live and breathe it every day.

Look for the first video in the near future with a focus on shoulder joint and rotator cuff issues—by far the most common injury and repetitive use condition I see in my massage practice. I’ll show you how to identify specific shoulder conditions and how I treat them with massage along with tips on how to stretch and strengthen this area to keep from reinjuring yourself. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg on what you can expect from both my blog and YouTube channel in the weeks and months to come. So stay tuned, keep asking your questions and take care of yourself!