Massage Loyalty & More! (You Rub My Back, I Rub Yours.)

James Dustin Yoga PoseHappy Pride! I wanted to share two important announcements as we head into summer—both designed to bring you more relaxation in the year ahead.

First, I’m kicking off a Massage Loyalty program this year that could earn you a free massage session just by telling people about my services. Did you know that a majority of the business I get is the result of referrals? Word of mouth is everything for my business and I want to show you my appreciation for sending folks my way when you “like” me on Facebook and write a review referring me to friends and family. For every referral that books their first appointment, you score $20 towards a free session. Once you hit $60 in credits, you can cash it in for a free 60-minute massage or keep going until you earn $85 towards a 90-minutes massage! Better still, you can earn another $5 every time you check in on FB at “James Dustin Massage Therapist” during a regularly scheduled appointment. See? You rub my back and I rub yours—in a manner of speaking! 🙂

Second, I wanted to share some super exciting news that promises to enhance not only my only life, but yours as well. Starting on June 9th (serendipitously, my 51st birthday!), I will embark upon a 200-hour course to become a certified yoga instructor. Why? Honestly, this is very much a part of my own personal spiritual journey as I try to find new ways to become more relaxed, calm and mindful in my own life and, consequently, transfer some of those positive vibes to my clients as well. Yoga and massage are disciplines that naturally complement one another from both a physical and mental perspective—from proper stretching and learning how to quiet your mind to letting go of stress and learning how to relax. My hope is to take what I learn and strengthen the services I offer to my clients by taking a more holistic approach to massage by attending to the mind, body and spirit.

I’ll graduate this November, certified by the Yoga Alliance as a yoga instructor.  Keep an eye out for more on my journey as I progress through the course and share helpful tips along the way. Meantime, send those referrals my way and score your free massage! Thank you as always and I look forward to seeing you again soon.