New Year, New You

New year, new you…right? Hitting the gym is part of that equation, but here’ something else you may not have considered: monthly massages. Yep, because part of making your exercise resolution stick is staying injury free. Beyond relaxation, massage can you keep on track at the gym by actually preventing exercise-related injuries. And it’s super affordable when you go with a monthly membership—but first, let’s talk about why it matters.

So we start working a new exercise program and start going at it full throttle and—ouch, we injure ourselves. Now, it’s difficult to continue and we start equating exercise with pain. And who wants to exercise if all it does is hurt? The goals start to slip and we begin to feel like we’ve failed again. Whether your goals are to do more cardio, lose weight or lift more to gain muscle mass, regular massage is vital to help keep you in the game. Here’s how.

Problem: Regularly exercised muscles can lose their ability to relax naturally.

When your muscles are tight or start losing flexibility, they pull the body out of alignment. Combine misalignment with exercise and you are at higher risk of muscle pain, strains, tears and tendonitis.

Solution: Regular massages help muscles relax, improving your range of motion.

Massage also increases blood and lymph circulation. This increased circulation helps cellular waste flow out of the muscle making room for oxygen and nutrients to flow into the muscle. The benefits?

  • Helps shorten recovery time between work outs
  • Enhances your performance
  • Helps trigger points from forming
  • Helps tissue heal faster if you do get injured

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because massage can also regulate your sleeping patterns and better sleep means better fat loss and muscle growth (that happens when your eyes are closed, believe it or not). Ask me more about that at your next massage, but first check out all the info on my monthly membership packages that save you a full 30% off 60 & 90-minute sessions. That’s a great deal for something you love and actually need to stay injury-free.

Happy New Year & stay healthy!