Okay, real talk.  Like the rest of you, I’ve been quarantining at home for weeks now and practicing social distancing to help flatten the curve. And doing my part feels great, but also like you, I am so over the stress and anxiety of this situation. So I have to look ahead to give me hope, and frankly, to make up for all the lost business since COVID-19 became the new normal.

Like many in the service industry, I’ve seen my schedule go from full to empty overnight. I’m very  grateful to be okay right now, but having to close up shop in early March and for the foreseeable future has made a serious dent in my income and it’s time to get proactive for when this is all over. Let me stop here to say thank you to the many loyal customers, people I am proud to call my friends, who have shown their support by paying for a scheduled massage that they didn’t actually receive—an act of kindness that hair stylists, nail techs, waiters and many others in the service industry have experienced all over the city as they do their best to stay afloat during this difficult time.

Massage Gift cardsBut here’s the thing, I do best when I can focus on what lies ahead and my guess is many of you are going to need a good massage to work out the accumulated stress, anxiety and fear we’ve all been experiencing every day with the constant onslaught of bad news. Not to mention the hip, back and neck pain caused from just laying on the sofa for weeks (Okay, real talk)! So let’s start planning now for that massage with a special discounted gift certificate you can buy today, with no expiration date, that you can redeem once all of this is over.

Purchase your gift certificates via PayPal. Or email [email protected] to purchase using Venmo, Zelle or CashApp. None of us knows for sure when things will be normal again but I remain committed to doing everything I can to protect you, myself and the community at large from coronavirus. For now, I will remain closed but you’ll be the first to know when my schedule is back to normal and we’ll get your discounted massage on the books ASAP.

As always, thank you for your continued loyalty and support—it means everything to me. Please take care of yourself, your family and friends and remain safe as we all navigate the days ahead.



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