MASSAGE & COVID-19 Given the closeness to each other and the amount of time a massage requires, keeping all of us safe from the coronavirus continues to be my number one priority. Everyone will be COVID pre-screened before their massage. … Read More

Shoulder Pain: How To Alleviate Rotator-Cuff Pain Through Massage

In the 15 years and over 11,000 massages I’ve performed, I can tell you from experience that shoulder pain is the number one issue my clients seek relief from when scheduling a session. I’m a big believer in understanding what … Read More

Massage Loyalty & More! (You Rub My Back, I Rub Yours.)

Happy Pride! I wanted to share two important announcements as we head into summer—both designed to bring you more relaxation in the year ahead. First, I’m kicking off a Massage Loyalty program this year that could earn you a free … Read More

Year of Health, Well-Being, & Relaxation

With 2017 well underway for most of us, I wanted to take moment to share my own plans for the year ahead that, I hope, will include you as more than just a client. In addition to my new blog—where … Read More

New Year, New You

New year, new you…right? Hitting the gym is part of that equation, but here’ something else you may not have considered: monthly massages. Yep, because part of making your exercise resolution stick is staying injury free. Beyond relaxation, massage can … Read More